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Commercial mini-kegs


For a birthday present I received a 5L Warsteiner keg. Now even I would have trouble sitting down with that by myself and killing it in one sitting.  ;)   Wondering if any of you have any experience with these. Are they like "casks" that once they are tapped the clock starts ticking? Or do they last for a few days once they are opened?   

Tick tock for the most part. Would try to kill it in a weekend or during the course of a week.

I used to buy them all the time years ago, they were about $12 back then. Tap on Friday, finish on Sunday. Maybe fill a growler as soon as you tap it since it will still be carbonated.

Thanks guys that's kind of what I figured. Like the idea of the growler..might let me stretch it for a couple days...

Apparently Bell's is coming out with Hopslam mini kegs in January which is kind of crazy to me (and I'm sure it'll be crazy expensive).  I do like the growler idea though, definitely giving that a shot the next time I buy a mini keg. 


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