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New Beer Event Calendar
« on: May 10, 2009, 03:47:58 PM »
Ok, if you use beermapping you will no doubt be familar with how the beer calendar is going to work here. If not, read on.

If you look up you should see a list of buttons that say "home", "help", "search"... Beside them is one that says calendar.  Clicking on that will open up the event calendar. You can browse through there, or you can add events from there by clicking on the date number.

Adding an event is really just a slightly more complex way of making a forums post. You give it an event title and a forum thread title and then you either write up information about the event or you paste official information.  Where possible, please include official site url or contact information and if you are pasting official information or information that you yourself did not type, you might want to use the "insert quote" button when pasting in the text (for clarity).

I am setting the default for the calendar to automatically post events to the NC Beer Events section. If you need to add an event for outside of NC, please select to send that post to the correct forum.

If you post about an upcoming event and then you notice that your post says "edited by Jonathan Surratt" or some other moderator/admin don't be worried, it will say that if someone else attaches your post to the calendar.

In the near future, I will pull the next 10 events into the front page and possibly set up an rss feed for it or something.

Any questions about this, please post here.